The digital revolution has continuously brought changes from the mid-20th century to our current day. Most of these were performed through hard labor and toil, which in the end bore some of the most important fruits of labor we have seen in recent years.

With this growth, there has been an ever-increasing need for IT personnel which businesses are having a hard time finding and closing the gap; this also adds considerable pitfalls and risks for a business when moving processes and data out of the physical realm.

 A way for non-IT employees to circumvent this problem can be found in Low Code / No-Code platforms, allowing for people with little to no programming skills to put forth applications and workflows through easy to interact platforms.

This also allows for integrations with other applications and systems, which departments may need to put together to better understand data and the workflow; with these benefits, departments can do their own development without having to wait long periods of time. Taking this into consideration, a question remains, what could possibly go wrong with this?

In some instances, Low Code / No-Code platforms may have limited implementations or could generate additional requirements for support that end-users cannot provide; this can be reflected in what is known as Shadow IT.

Furthermore, the growth of the application and processes may require an eventual transition into a system that can handle demand, additional requirements, or integrations that may not be available through the platform or a larger volume of data. While such platforms are fine for smaller businesses and even larger ones, depending on what the intent is, the final implementation should always be performed through a partnership between the department and the business IT department.

Do you have an application or process currently using a Low Code / No Code platform and are looking to scale up? Is your data really talking to you, or are you having a hard time figuring out what is going on in your processes? We can help you with your applications and needs, contact us for a free evaluation and provide you with a work plan to take your application to the next level.