Frequently Asked Questions

What does Polyrific do?

We create custom applications for our enterprise clients. This often means web applications with elements of ERP and CRM integration, content management, administrative interfaces and data analytics. We also build native apps (iOS and Android) and make performance-enhancing productivity tools for our enterprise clients to use with their own development teams.

With which platforms (ERP, CRM, CMS, etc) do you work?

All of them. We live in an age where integration of enterprise platforms is non-negotiable when building custom enterprise applications. For this reason, we have gained experience in recent years integrating the big names like Salesforce, Oracle, MS Dynamics, SAP, Marketo, Mailchimp, SendGrid, and so forth into custom applications that make your enterprise run more smoothly.

On what technology stack does Polyrific work?

We do not have an exclusive technology stack; however, we tend to work with Microsoft technologies (.NET, ASP.NET, IIS).

Can Polyrific handle maintenance and/or migration of older, legacy applications?

You bet! In fact, you could say that we have become experts at this. We have even written custom meta applications that help us to quickly migrate older applications into newer ones that are more stable and much easier--and cost effective--to maintain.

Can Polyrific execute projects on a turn-key basis?

Absolutely. We can deliver turn key projects quickly and cost effectively on a lump-sum or hourly basis.

Does Polyrific offer hardware solutions?

The Internet of Things movement has dramatically increased demand for custom hardware in recent months. We began conducting research in this space over four years ago in order to learn how we could deliver custom hardware for our enterprise clients. During that time we have amassed experience in prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, and even gaining State and Federal approvals. If you have an IoT or custom smart-hardware project, we'd like to discuss it with you.

Does Polyrific offer business analysis and consulting?

Yes. We are big on careful upstream planning in order to ensure project success and therefore we offer both business analysis and consulting services.

What about design and UX?

Yes, we offer graphic design and UX professional services. In some cases, we can also offer marketing services.

Polyrific's pricing and speed-of-delivery is better than all of the vendors whom we have checked out. How is this possible?

Automation and communication are two of our most highly valued principles in the software delivery process. We have even developed a proprietary software called Catapult that helps us design and launch custom applications faster than anyone else can.

Does Polyrific have DevOps experience?

Of course! We have also done a great deal of work in "DevOps" automation and can put that knowledge to work in helping you automate your enterprise's resources such as Microsoft Azure.

Does Polyrific offer machine learning services?

ML is one of our favorite areas of computer science. We have experience in machine learning, data science, chatbot development, and more.

Can Polyrific write apps for devices other than smartphones, tablets, and raditional computers?

Not only can we write apps for emerging form factors, we also have a ton of fun doing it! We can help you create game-changing custom applications for smart watches, Amazon's Alexa (Echo), Google Home, Cortana, smart appliances, Skype, and so forth.

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