Cloud Migration Series Intro

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As businesses continue to grow so does the desire to find the best cloud solution; the one that is the most adaptable and offers the best pricing.

The focus of this series will be to find out what the three big providers of the market offer, on one corner we have Amazon Web Services, the provider which popularized the term cloud with one of the largest market shares.

Another popular provider which holds a fair share of the market is Azure, from Microsoft, which offers easy integrations with your current infrastructure making shifting your environment towards the cloud easier than ever.

Finally, we will look at GCP, Google Cloud Platform, from the company that currently has the largest share of the search engine market as well as streaming, GCP is a part of the repertoire available from Google with some interesting features.

These cloud providers offer you an initial free period, either by credit, time, or requests, which allows for testing to ensure that this is the right provider to tap into when considering performing a partial or total move from on-premises infrastructure towards the cloud.

Note also that we are only speaking about the most important players in the market, there are others to consider such as IBM Cloud, DigitalOcean, and SAP Cloud Platform which have other services and features available, in some instances not as complete as the initial three.

As we move along with every provider, we will point out some of their strongest features, some pointers to investigate when evaluating cost and how billing works in each platform as well as an option that these providers give you to evaluate and perform a migration to the cloud.

One final important note regarding these providers, Polyrific is a holistic provider that is not tied to a single cloud provider, we can help you evaluate your current environment and create an architecture in the provider of your choosing which gives you everything you need.

Contact us now to get a free initial evaluation of your environment and a proposal that will help you push your business towards the cloud and exponential growth.