Cloud Migration First Steps

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Cloud migration can be performed through different methods, but before we take a deep dive into the matter there are other initial considerations that any business must take.

  • Who will perform the Cloud Migration, who is the Cloud Architect?
    • This may well be the most complicated portion of this list, doing it in-house or choosing an MSP to assist you in this process can make or break the entire situation.
    • The establishment of a role or department for this task must be done before any other considerations are taken, doing this too late during the entire process can reduce the effectiveness and velocity of the implementation.
  • What is the best Cloud provider for me?
    • There may be a need to put a single Cloud provider at the forefront, leveraging all the features and capabilities it offers while ensuring that you do not break the bank in the first month.
    • In other instances, there may be a need to use different Cloud providers due to services or features that are of interest to the business, this consideration can be seen in the following item.
  • What type of integration can be done with the Cloud provider?
    • When a business has come to integrate their business processes with a Cloud provider it may be too complicated or costly to move towards another proposed or chosen provider by the business.
    • In other situations where implementations have not been undertaken with a Cloud provider, it is crucial to identify how applications can be integrated with the services and the benefits of such implementations
  • What type of Cloud migration are you looking into?
    • We have previously spoken about lift and shift, moving all your infrastructure into the cloud without changing the current setup, or performing minimal changes only when needed.
    • Another method of performing a migration is to completely push and integrate everything into the Cloud with a mix of services and features, minimizing the infrastructure footprint by leveraging other methods of interaction.
  • How much must be migrated and how long will it take?
    • Another important question to close this list, how much data and hosts need migration, how fast can these be moved and what is the business reaction time to the changes towards the Cloud environment?
    • Will the changes take days, weeks, or months, can the migration process be done efficiently, or would refactoring of the current environment be involved?

These are some of the most important questions with some of the points and answers to consider when performing the first steps for migration.

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